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FastFingerprints, a National Background Check, Inc. company
4140 Executive Parkway, Suite 119
Westerville, OH 43081
Phone: 614.457.8900 or 877.932.2435
Fax: 614.457.8930

FastFingerprints History

FastFingerprints a National Background Check, Inc. company, is a 100% woman owned business founded in 1999. National Background Check, Inc. (NBCI) is one of the longest-standing fingerprint service organizations, for civilian purposes, in the United States. With equipment solutions and service expertise for the electronic fingerprinting market, we at FastFingerprints pride ourselves on our quick and secure capture, processing, and transmission of fingerprints for background checks.

When National Background Check was initially incorporated in 1999, its purpose was to serve the Ohio market with electronic fingerprinting service as part of the original pilot project by the Ohio Attorney General’s office. As the need for electronic fingerprinting grew, we expanded our services, under the FastFingerprints brand, to serve multiple industries at multiple locations statewide. As experts in fingerprinting service we recognized the need for more efficient and user friendly fingerprint capture equipment. We invested in software development and rolled out the most advanced fingerprinting Livescan technology, under our Innovative Biometrics Systems brand, with our SafePrintscan solution.

In 2011, FastFingerprints expanded and became an approved fingerprint service provider and equipment vendor in the state of Florida. Additionally, our software is currently in the approval process for several additional states. With our robust and customizable solution developed from the user perspective, we are the ideal solution built with the agility for customization, optimum accuracy, and user satisfaction.

As of July 2014, FastFingerprints has entered the state of Arizona. Our new Arizona locations offer livescan electronic fingerprint capture to fingerprint cards. All of our FastFingerprints locations are dedicated to offering you the most flexible and convenient hours, friendly and welcoming locations, and fast, accurate fingerprinting services.